The Advantages

Operation is far more exciting with each train running independently. You can use double heading or banking and match the speeds of locomotives from different manufacturers. You can program realistic acceleration and deceleration rates, or limit the top speed of a locomotive.

DCC has advantages for everyone from the beginner to the advanced modeller and for every layout from the smallest to the largest. Once you have  the basic system you can decide how much of the available functionality you want to use and can expand the system as your layout grows; the  equipment you already own moves on with you as you add more features. Your largest investment in time and money is often in the decoders you install in  the locos. These are upwardly compatible as you expand and add to your system. By simply adding components you can grow into a more  advanced system at your own pace and as your budget allows.

Most home layouts are small or medium sized. They typically have a limited amount of track available for analogue block control; DCC has a real advantage in  these situations. Since blocking is not required you can operate more locos in a smaller area.

For the large home or club layout DCC offers truly prototypical operation and minimum wiring complications.  Layouts running with DCC can  operate more than 2 or 3 trains at a time; the outside loop running clockwise and the inside loop running counterclockwise all day is not very  exciting. The ease of wiring makes connection simple and lets you get operating sessions up and running more quickly.

The addition of sound or computer control are examples of the increasing range of features that you can take advantage of. Your railway can be as simple or complicated as you wish.

Above all DCC enables you to control your trains just like the prototype.


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