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860021 8 pin harnessed decoder

Interface: 11 Wire including 2 stay alive wires, blue +ve and black-ve for stay alive kits and a NEM652 8pin plug. Purple wire for FO2. For detailed information please refer to the manuals. 

Rating: 1A continuous, 2A peak

  1. Scale: HO & N scale
  2. Functions: 4 at 100mA each
  3. Standard: NMRA DCC
  4. Not Support: ABC, Railcom, Motorola
  5. Brand: LaisDcc
  6. Total support of all NMRA/NEM specifications
  7. Direct easy connection to exclusive Stay-Alive device 860007.
  8. Super smooth high frequency silent drive motor control.
  9. Switchable DC running 
  10. 4 digit addressing and 14, 28 or 128 speed steps.
  11. 4 active functions each safe to 100mA
  12. Support for all common programming & consist modes.
  13. Back EMF with step-variable or Fn button control.
  14. Fully adjustable motor control and function actions.
  15. Easily locked once adjustment or set-up is complete.
  16. All special lighting effects available
  17. All functions able to be re-allocated (remapped) as required.
  18. Heat-shrink insulated for short-free installation.
  19. Economical enough to use as lighting decoders.
  20. 2Amp peak power, 1A continuous, Functions 100mA
  21. Reset by CV8=4    or    CV30=4

LaisDcc motor decoders can be also used as function decoders. You just need to connect a 560ohm/0.25W resistor between the grey wire and the orange wire to make it to a dummy load/motor. Then you can use it as a function only decoder and you can change the mapping and light effects after the installation. You do not need to take it out to connect to a motor to do the CV settings.

Order number: 860021

Manufacturer: Digitrains


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