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This is a cleverly designed power supply, neatly cased, regulated and with fan cooling.
Perfect for use with NCE Power Pro and other DCC systems needing a 5A total input.
The Cobalt PSU-2 has two well regulated 9v outputs with a common base reference, allowing you to also wire Cobalt and Tortoise point motors in a truly simple manner with SPDT switches and a single common ground 2 wire system. 
The PSU-2 is also designed so that you can use the two outputs together, delivering a very stable 5 amps at 18v for DCC system power. Also perfect for layout lighting. PSU-2 features a super quality custom designed toroidal transformer.
Use the two outer terminals to power your DCC system.

Order number: DCP-PSU-2

Manufacturer: DCC Concepts


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