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 The novel graphical display and touch screen assembly provides a modern, versatile "user interface" which gives full control but is easy to use. Trains and layout accesso ries may be operated directly from the touch screen or via optional plugin DRIVER handsets which provide a more traditional "knob and buttons" control method. Up to four DRIVERs may be added to enable a total of five simultaneous operators at very low cost. The ACE "package" includes: One ACE controller, a 15V/4A DC power supply, a plug-in output connector and a comprehensive User Manual. Simply add some track, a decoder-equipped locomotive and you can be up and running within minutes thanks to the "Quick Start Guide" in the manual.

  • 3.5amp DCC output
  • Up to 9999 train (locomotive) addresses.
  • Full range of 28 train functions.
  • Up to 2044 accessory addresses (points, signals etc).
  • Storage of up to 32 train addresses and names. 
  • Storage of up to 85 accessory addresses and names.
  • Universal" consisting - up to 10 consists, each with up to 6 locomotives.
  • Straightforward decoder programming via clear, intuitive screen displays - programming track and "on the main" track supported.
  • Optional USB module - enables downloading and upgrading of the unit's "firmware", from our web site, via your personal computer.
  • Compact unit - 220 x 150 x 45m

See the ACE documentation for further details.

Order number: DCS2044

Manufacturer: Sig-naTrak


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