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The LV102 includes an powerful internal 5 amp power station. that provides clean and safe DCC power to the track. New circuitry has been developed to reduce noise, which provides exceptionally clean power to operate your DCC equipped trains.

Technical Data

Power supply
(input voltage)

with AC:                                min. 14 Volt, max. 19 Volt

with DC:                                min. 14 Volt, max. 24 Volt

When powered with a DC power source, select an input voltage which is approx. 2-3 Volts higher than the selected DCC track voltage. When powered with an AC transformer, select an input voltage that is about the same or slightly lower then the selected DCC track voltage. This avoids unnecessary loss of heat in the device which in turn could lead to an early thermal switchdown.

Output voltage (track voltage)

Settable between 11V and 22V in steps of 0.5V.  Under load the actual DCC track voltage will be slightly lower. The factory voltage setting is 16V.

Output current

The output current is limited to a maximum of 5A.

Depending on the transformer used, as well as its voltage and the set track voltage, the long term continuous current, which the LV102 DCC Power Station of the LV102 can supply, varies.

Example: When using the FCI FDA120-150-5000 transformer and a track voltage of 16V, the long term continuous current is approximately 4.4A.

Overload protection


Thermal overload protection. The switching off of the overload occurs after approx. 100ms in case of constant overcurrent (e.g. short-circuit).

Opto-isolated (Current) Interface

The LV102  uses the Opto-isolated (Current) Interface and consumes 10ma on  the Power Station Interface.


Per NMRA PR-9.1.2 The K terminal output and D terminal input represent the DCC positive polarity.


W 120mm x H 55mm x D 120mm

Order number: LV102

Manufacturer: Lenz


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