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The PSX is a sophisticated, intelligent circuit breaker for DCC use ith the following features

Fast, all solid state design with reliable quiet electronic operation, no blinks, clicks or sparks.

Adaptive Load Reset: Electronically senses if the overload is a real short or due to in-rush capacitance of sound decoders.

Manual or Automatic Reset: Automatic reset of the breaker or a push button switch can manually reset.

Outputs for LED Indicators: LEDs can be added to monitor; input/output power and status.

Wide Range of Current Trip Setting: Trip currents are adjustable adjusted by jumpers or CVs: 1.27 to 19.2 A

System Reset: A single CV command sets all Addresses and CVs to original factory values.

Output for Audio Alarm: An audible sounder can be added to the card to alert you when there is a short.

Booster Function for Low Current: Some boosters need help when resetting. Adding a jumper kick starts low Amp systems.

Board size: is 5 3/4 by 3 3/4 inches.

Order number: PSX1

Manufacturer: DCC Specialties


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