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The SL51-2 provides high frequency 16kHz motor control for Faulhaber motors. Alternatively, the stepless 30-150 Hz range is also available for traditional motors.

The SL51-2 offers available with 14, 28 or 128 speed steps, optimizable load balancing scheme, full address space 1-10240 and the option on the main track 'on the fly' to program.

1 Watt output power for sound, 3 channels simultaneously, 16Mbit sound memory (approx. 170 sec.) 16Bit sounds load-dependent sound change and switching output of the function outputs (dimmable by CV)

Vehicle decoder part

  • Fully NMRA compatible (DCC data format)
  • Full s "function mapping" as per NMRA arrangement (allocation of the outputs)
  • Function outputs separately dimmable
  • Dimming frequency 1.2 k Hz, LED direct connection possible
  • Clutch control, timing for digital clutch
  • Full address space 1-10240
  • Shunting functions, display mode, decreased backwards Speed ......
  • Evaluation of the LGB Pulse Chain Controller
  • Free speed characteristic
  • Optimizable load balancing (P and I controller)
  • High frequency motor control 16kHz, Fauli ideal
  • Low-frequency motor control 30-150 Hz
  • Optional 14, 28 or 128 speed settings
  • 1.5 A motor current, 4 amplified function outputs short-circuit proof,
  • digital or analog mode, 'on the fly' Programming
  • Hard Reset, User CV's
  • Separately adjustable braking time with HLU
  • Signal controlled speed influence (HLU Zimo, switchable)
  • Number recognition (Zimo, switchable)
  • Fully programmable with Roco Lokmaus 2 (also values ??up to 255)
  • Reliable overload protection for motor and auxiliary outputs
  • 2 sets of CVs freely selectable (for own or third-party applications, eg change to club facility, doubletraction)

Sound decoder part

  • Free programmable in use with SoundProg, * .wav format 11kHz, 8 or 16 Bit Sounds
  • Up to 8 sound sequences can be called separately
  • 3 channel sound (play 3 sound sequences at the same time)
  • Separate sound volume in 3 steps (to increase sound contrast)
  • 1 watt continuous power, short circuit proof
  • Speed ??and load-dependent sound change, loop function, start-up delay for diesel ...
  • Load-dependent switching capacity of the additional outputs (steam quantity dependent on load)
  • 16Mbit (approx. 170 Sec) Sound storage capacity (announcement or sound effects)
  • 2 random generators (standstill and while driving)
  • Free choice of cylinder number (2 cylinders, 3 or 4 cylinders)
  • Synchronization via reed contact, Hall sensor or via internal speed characteristic
  • Frequency-dependent sound variation (simulation of the cylinder size, on coupling)
  • All sound functions freiverchiebbar and can be switched off according to NMRA function mapping etc ...........


  • 27/15 / 3.7 mm (L / W / H)

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