DCC Specialties

DCC Specialties are an informal group of professional engineers from various disciplines who are also railway modellers; they have joined together to develop speciality products for DCC.  We stock 2 of their product ranges; circuit protection/auto reversers and sophisticated accessory decoders for TortoiseTM (stall) motors.

Circuit protection


The OnGuard series are the simpler range of circuit protectors.  The OG-CB is circuit protection only and the OG-AR adds the auto reversing capability.

They have the following common features:

    • 4 Amps
    • Easy to Install Screw Terminals
    • All solid state with no relays
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Low Cost
    • No Power Supply Required

PowerShield X

The PSX series is a product of Larry Maier's 10 years experience in designing and producing intelligent, solid state, DCC circuit breakers and auto reversers. Patent pending. The PSX specifically addresses the increased inrush loads (current) which occur due to large capacitors used for sound systems. This load appears as a system short circuit until the capacitors are charged. The logic in the new PSXs determines if the load is a true short or just an inrush overload.

Trip current adjustable from 1.27 to 17.8 Amps.
Auto sensing for sound decoder capacitor inrush; does not trip.
Auto reset after 2 seconds; manual reset possible.
Power can be turned on and off by DCC systems.
Outputs for LED indicators.
Provides occupancy feedback to CabBus (NCE), LocoNet (Digitrax) and XPressNet (Lenz) systems.
No sperate power supply required.

Available as single, 2, 3,and 4 output packs.

PSX Auto Reversers

The PSX-AR series are very sophisticated auto reverser and accessory decoder combinations.  They combine the features of the PSX circuit breakers with auto reverse loop operation and automated turnout control.  There are 4 versions:

PSX-AR, with integrated stall motor decoder (Tortoise/Cobalt).
PSX-ARFB, same as above with added network feedback.
PSX-ARSC, with integrated twin solenoid decoder (Peco/Hornby type).
PSX-ARSCFB, same as above with added network feedback.

Accessory Decoders

The HareTM

The Hare is an intelligent, plug and play, accessory decoder for the TortoiseTM Motor.

Plugs Directly on to Tortoise: Simplifies wiring, eliminates 16 wire connections and reduces failures.

Auto Throw:  Automatically throws points when a train is approaching against the points!

Auto Throw Timer: Provides for timing the auto throw function to prevent two trains from colliding.

Auto Return: Automatically returns the points after a preset interval for any/all operational events.

Smart Route: Sets up to 28 routes by simple address programming in addition to the primary address.

Dispatcher Over-Ride: Allows the Dispatcher to lock out any or all other switch commands.

Lock Block Protection: Overrides the HARES operation if a designated block is occupied.

Locked Route Control: Provides for only one route direction response for either a Throw or Clear command.

Switch Speed Control: Allows you to control the Tortoise motor speed.

Smart Default Ops: Upon Power-up, HARES return to either last thrown position or a programmed default

Smart Power Routing: Selectively directs switch point power by using a dip-switch.

Operate Switch Signals or Panel LED Indicators.

Manual Pushbutton or Toggle Switch: Allows single button or toggle switch manual control of the points.

System Reset: A single CV, CV63=42 sets all Addresses and CVs to original factory values.

Direct Current Ops: The Hare will operate on DC using Manual Push Button Control Option.

Semaphore/Gate Ops: Uses a Tortoise for triggered control of a semaphore or crossing gate.

Automates Reverse Loop Turnouts: Using Auto Throw feature.

The Hare Version 2 has all the above features plus feedback to CabBus, LocoNet and XPressNet.

The WabbitTM

The Wabbit is a dual output accessory decoder for TortoiseTM Motors with tachnology inherited from the Hare.

Compare the Wabbit's price and performance to any other dual output stall motor DCC stationary decoder and you will choose the Wabbit!  Look at all the features with many that are not available from any other stationary decoder.

  • Auto Throw
  • Auto Throw Timer
  • Auto Return
  • Smart Route
  • Over-Ride
  • Lock-Block
  • Locked Route Control
  • Switch Speed Control 
  • Smart Default Ops


  • Operate Switch Signals
  • Manual Button/Toggle
  • System Reset
  • Direct Current Ops
  • Semaphore Operations
  • Automates Reverse Loops


    The Wabbit FB adds feedback to Digitrax LocoNet, Lenz XPressNet and NCE CabBus.

    The Tortoise Connector is available as a seperate item and provides quick and easy connection to tortoise motors in DCC or conventional applications.


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