Digitrax are probably the best known of the US DCC manufacturers.  They offer 3 DCC Start Sets, the largest range of loco decoders available and a wide choice of other accessories,  The Digitrax LocoNet control bus is also supported by several third party manufacturers which further increases the versatility of the brand.


The entry level system is the Digitrax Zephyr; it is a console style controller with several good features.

Zephyr Xtra

Everything you need to get started in Digitrax Command Control for a modest price.

3 Amps.
Loco addresses 0 to 9999 with recall.
Accessory Addresses 1 to 2048
All programming modes with read & write on a programme track.
Advanced Consisting (multiple heading).
Functions F0 - F28.

Zephyr can use 2 analogue controllers as accessory cabs.

The Super Empire Builder is Digitrax's intermediate system.   It combines their DT402 advanced throttle with a 5 Amp booster and is available in wired and duplex radio versions.
Super Empire Builder

A powerful 5 Amp system.

Loco addresses 1 to 9999.  Controls one analogue loco on address 00.
Accessory addresses 1 to 999.
Supports all programming modes but cannot read; no separate programme track connection
Basic, Advanced and UniVersal consisting.
Functions F0 - F8.
Up to 22 throttles.
User selectable track voltage for N,HO/OO or large gauges.

The Super Empire Builder requires a separate transformer such as the Digitrains TR5.
The Super Chief is Digitrax's premier DCC Start Set.  The combination of the DCS100 Command Station and DT402 throttle produces a powerful system that can achieve all that DCC has to offer.  It is available as a 5 Amp (DCS100) or 8 Amp (DCS200) system in standard or duplex radio versions.

Super Chief

Loco Addresses 1 to 9999.  Controls one analogue loco on address 00.
Accessory Addresses 1 to 999.
32 routes of up to 8 accessories/nested routes.
Functions F0 to F28.
Supports all programming modes; read  & write on programme track.
User adjustable fast clock.
Basic, Universal and Advanced consisting.
4, 8 or 16 loco recall options.
User selectable track voltage for N,HO/OO or large gauges.

The Super Chief requires a separate transformer such as the Digitrains TR5.

Locomotive Decoders


Digitrax manufacture a wide range of moblile decoders; over 60 when you count harness variations.  There are generic decoders with wire harnesses to suit all gauges plus the largest selection from any manufacturer of loco specific plug and play or board replacement decoders. 

All have advanced features and the best way to find what you need is to use the advanced search facilities on this site to narrow down the choices.  Some decoders will suit more than one size of locomotive; some nominally N gauge decoders will work equally well in HO/OO for example.  As a quick guide decoders annotated DN are designed for N gauge, DH for OO/HO and DG for larger scales.  S series denotes sound decoders T versions are function only.

stationary/Accessory decoders

Digitrax Accessory |Decoders

Digitrax produce a choice of accessory/stationary decoders:

DS44 - Simple decoder for 4 slow motion turnout motors.

DS51 - For single Kato Unitrack turnouts.

DS52 - Multi purpose 2 output decoder.

DS64 - Multi purpose 4 output decoder.  Can be controlled direct by Digitrax LocoNet or via the track bus of any other manufacturer.  A  powerful versatile unit.

SE8C - This is a sophisticated signalling decoder using occupancy detection to control 8 signals of up to 4 heads each.  Potential purchasers are advised to download and read the manual from the Digitrax website first.

Other accessories


There are many other accessories to complement the basic systems including:
Additional Cabs - DT402 or UT4.
Boosters - Additional power for larger layouts with 5 and 8 Amp options.
Power management - PM42 and AR1 modules.
Interfaces for computer control and decoder programming including sound.
Occupancy detectors for LocoNet feedback.
Transponding for bidirectional communication on your layout.
LocoNet modules to extend your layout's communication network.

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