ESU are manufacturers of sophisticated DCC components under their own name and for other brands but are probably best known for the Ecos controller and their LokSound range of sound decoders.

ECoS DCC System

The quality of ESUs decoders has been recognised for many years so we should not be surprised that their entry to the DCC system field would be of the highest quality. Powerful, technically sophisticated and superbly presented this has to be the first choice for modellers who prefer a console style of controller. To fully appreciate this unit you need to try it but a summary of the main features will give you a flavour.

H4 Booster with 4 Amps continuous output, DCC with 14, 28, 128 speed steps
H4 programming track connection, 0.6 A ratedLGB® MTS® compatible function key handling
NMRA DCC Bidirectional Feedback detector with integrated cutout device.Märklin® Motorola® old, new, with 14, 27 or 28 speed steps
7 inch QVGA FSTN LCD display with touch screen and sextuple LED backlight (white)Up to 9999 addresses for DCC protocol. Up to 20 function keys per loco.
32-bit ARM 720T controller, 64 MByte flash ROM, 32 MByte RAM, Linux operating systemUp to 255 addresses for Märklin® Motorola® protocol
16 bit real-time co-processorUp to 16384 locos
2 motor driven potentiometer throttles with end stopUp to 2048 turnouts
2 two way analog joysticks1024 route objects
10/100 MBit Ethernet-connection (RJ 45)
3 input sockets for ECoSlink systemsUp to 8 shuttle trains (back’n forth) at the same time
Connection for ECoSlink Bus Expansion32 MU’s (multiple consists) with up to 16 locos each
28 function keys, plus stop and go keys 
Galvanically isolated Booster input for External BoostersMärklin® Motorola® and DCC track protocol for control of accessories 
Galvanically isolated ECoSniffer input for connection of other systems All DCC service modes programming on programming track, POM (programming on the main)
Galvanically isolated s88-Bus input for feedback devices 
1 ECoSlot module for radio-receiver inputSelectrix® track format


DCC System Accessories


Indispensable components of any large model railroad are amplifiers/boosters.  If the power consumption of all of your moving trains including their functions, car illumination, and function models is larger than the current the central station is able to put out, you have to split up your layout into several blocks, the power for which is supplied by their own booster. The ECoSBoost(er) is designed for precisely that task: It is matched perfectly for the use with our ESU ECoS or the Märklin® central station. The ECoSBoost is being offered in two variants: The 4 Amp version is perfect for HO and smaller, while an 8 Amp version is suitable for the garden railroader. Just like ECoS, each booster comes with its own suitably dimensioned power supply.

Accessory Decoders

Switch Pilot 

A 4 output, multiprotocol, multi purpose, accessory decoder that can operate twin solenoid motors or provide continuous power.  Maximum 1 Amp per output. 

It can also control 2 RC-Servos; speed and position.

Programming by all DCC modes or by throttle  commands.

Provides position feedback to ECoS

Switch Pilot Extension

If required, SwitchPilot can be augmented with the SwitchPilot Extension Module: Plugged in at the side of the SwitchPilot, it offers four relay-driven outputs, used for switching potential-free loads, or for polarising the frog; the ideal supplement for tricky circuitry.

With the relay’s 1.5 Amp continuous rating, either frogs can be polarised-, or blocks powered signal dependent, or motorised devices, such as (water) pumps may be switched. Especially intricate is the option to control motorised turnouts: Of course the SwitchPilot Extension Module easily handles motor polarisation as well.

Switch Pilot Servo

The SwitchPilot Servo is a masterpiece among accessory decoders: it was specifically developed for controlling up to four remote-controlled servo motors. The SwitchPilot Servo activates these actuators very precisely and thus is able to control not only switches, but also other slow motion sequences. The Switch Pilot Servo can be used with DCC or Motorola® protocols and due to its three built-in buttons can be programmed very easily. Set your layout in motion!

Additional system accessories including Radio Remotes, Occupancy and Feedback modules and other system components have been announced but are not yet available.  For detection and feedback units available now visit the Litfinski Daten Technik page.


The LokPilot is the motor drive and function (not sound) series of decoders that are less well known than their sound counterpart but form the basis of their motor drive too.

They are high specification, advanced, loco decoders in their own right and provide excellent motor control.  We stock the DCC versions but can obtain others on request.

LokPilot Micro V4

The LokPilot micro V4 DCC is a genuine miniature power house.

The decoder is NMRA DCC BiDirectional Communication ready, and a firm-ware upgrade will provide you with its advanced features, free of charge. The LokPilot micro V4 DCC is available in two variants: With either a separate NEM 651 harness & plug or as a direct, 6 pin, plug in.

LokPilot V4

The OO/HO version is a 1.1 Amp continuous load decoder with overload protection.  At 23.5mm x 15.5mm x 5.5mm it can find a place in most 4mm locos.  With all the high end features it also supports Lenz ABC Braking and Zimo HLU commands.

Four function outputs; max 250mA each, 500mA total, short circuit protected.

LokPilot XL V3

The ESU large scale decoder is a powerful and highly specified decoder.  3 Amp continuous plus 8 function outputs up to 600mA each, 2000mA total.  A 'PowerPack' CDU is built in to provide power across dead sections.

It supports Motorola and Selectrix modes and can power DC, coreless and AC Motors(with permanent magnet).

55mm x 25mm x 10mm with screw terminal connection.

When you combine the superb drive qualities of the LokPilot decoder with an advanced sound system the result is the LokSound Range.

LokSound Micro

LokSound Micro

Small sound decoder suitable for low current draw motors.  0.5 Amp continuous

LokSound V4

The Loksound V4 is the standard for OO/HO use. It is rated at 1.1 Amps continuous withoverload protection.

4 Function outputs each rated at 250mA with 500mA max for all functions.

Capable of DCC, Motorola Digital and Analogue DC and AC modes.  Supports Lenz LG100 braking.

LokSound XL V4

The Loksound XL V4 is designed for large gauge use. It is rated at 3.0 Amps continuous withoverload protection.  8 Function outputs each rated at 600mA with 2000mA max for all functions.

Capable of DCC, Motorola Digital and Analogue DC and AC modes.  Supports Lenz LG100 braking.  can be used on Selectrix layouts but must use DCC programming.

The XL does not include a speaker as standard; requires  8 to 32 Ohm, 2 Watt +.

Decoder Aids

Decoder Tester

The ESU decoder tester is one of the most useful DCC accessories on the market.  It includes a 5 pole motor with flywheel, LEDs for functions F0 (F & R), F1 and F2 and a speaker (100 Ohm) to test LokSound decoders with easy screw connection to your DCC system or Programmer.

It has 6 Pin, 8 Pin and 21 Pin mtc sockets and crimp connections for harness wires,  Locos can be connected using crocodile clips.


8 Pin NEM 562 and 6 Pin NEM 651 sockets are available with attached harnesses for installation in non DCC ready locos.

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