The Gaugemaster name has been associated with model railway control manufacture for may years but for their entry to the DCC market they have rebadged the Model Rectifier Corporation's Prodigy Range.

Prodigy advance


The Prodigy Advance2 is a very capable, mid range, DCC system.  It can operate a quite large system with multiple operators and we are happy to recommend it.  There are a few limitations, such as no facility for computer automation, but it can do virtually everything else that DCC can do.  It's vital statistics are:

  • 3.5 Amps continuous output.
  • Long and short addressing.
  • Up to 1024 accessory addresses
  • Up to 99 hand controllers (cabs).
  • 29 functions: F0 to F28
  • All programming modes; separate programme track output.
  • Universal and advanced consisting.

It has a large, easy to read, display and is quite intuitive in operation.

System Accessories

Additional Cabs

Additional cabs can be connected to Extension Plates positioned around the layout or to extra sockets on the system box..


Additional boosters can be used where power requirements are high.  Each booster is rated at 3.5 Amps.

Accessory Decoder

The Gaugemaster Accessory Decoder is a 4 output module capable of providing a short pulse for twin solenoid point motors , continuous output or adjustable flash.  The decoder cab be powered from the track but an external 3 Amp transformer is recommended for standard Peco or Seep motors.

Auto Reverser

A simple, relay driven, reverse loop module.

Loco Decoders

      Gaugemaster offer decoders for OO/HO and N gauges.

analogue items

We stock a few non digital items for general use.

A couple of simple controllers.

Seep PM1

Seep point motors and the Capacitor Discharge Unit.


Tension Lock Uncoupler


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