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There cannot be a name more familiar to the UK modeller than Hornby who produce the most extensive range of OO gauge model railway products in the world.

Hornby Digital

The Hornby Select and Elite are the most widely available DCC systems in the UK.

  Hornby Elite

   The Hornby Elite is their premier DCC system and offers:

    3 Amps track power plus a 1 Amp accessory output.

    Short and long loco addresses plus text identification.

    255 Accessory addresses.

    13 Functions F0 - F12.

    Read/write programming.

    RailCom compatible.
Hornby Select

Hornby Select

The Hornby Select is their entry level system and is included in their digital train sets.  The Select offers:

    1 Amp track output plus an accessory power output.

    60 loco addresses including 0 for controlling one analogue loco.

    40 Accessory addresses.

    9 Functions F0 - F8

    Limited write only programming.

We have to advise that for modellers using large numbers of functions, particularly with sound equipped locos, we cannot give the Hornby systems a firm recommendation because of the clumsy operating method.

Hornby DCC Accessories

As well as the DCC systems Hornby also offer a range of decoders and accessories including:

Hornby Decoder R8249

  Loco Decoder R8249

  0.5 Amp continuous, 1 Amp max.
  Short and long addresses.
  4 Functions max 100mA each.
  Programme on Main
  17mm x 10mm x 3.5mmHornby Accessory Decoder

Accessory Decoder

The R8247 Accessory Decoder Controls up to 4 Accessories and is factory set to control twin solenoid point motors.  The pulse duration can be reset by CV including continuous output for turntable motors and lighting. 

Hornby Reversing Loop Module

  Reverse Loop Module

  The Hornby Reverse Loop module controls the polarity of the track so that     locomotives operating on a reverse loop or "wye" track configuration can       do so uninterrupted without the use of switches and complicated wiring.

They also have an assortment of connecting clips and leads for connecting the products to your railway.

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We stock only a small selection of other Hornby products, mainly locomotives, but will be pleased to order any item that is available from the manufacturer.
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