Littfinski Daten Technik

Littfinnsky Daten Technik is a specialist digital component manufacturer producing accessories for NMRA DCC and other digital protocols. Their range is extensive and they are slightly unusual in offering all their modules as kits as well as finished units. The difference is clearly illustrated by these pictures but not all items have cased versions.


                                     Kit                                                     Finished Module                                                    Cased

The full range is very extensive and we do not keep everything but can obtain any item not normally stocked.  Turn round time for non standard orders is short.

Items for the Lenz RS bus.

RS8: An 8 way combined occupancy detection and feedback module.

RS16: A 16 way feedback only unit.

Items for the S88 bus (ESU ECoS & Marklin)

RM-GB-88-N:  An 8 input unit with occupancy detection and feedback.  Includes both standard  s88 and s88-N (RJ45)  connections.

RM-88-N: A 16 input unit for feedback only.  Includes both standard  s88 and s88-N (RJ45)  connections.


The HI -88-USB is a stand alone, high speed,  USB computer interface taking feedback from any s88 bus.  Using the above, or any other s88 components, data from an extensive model railway can be input to a computer independently from any DCC system bus.   This system can be used with any make of DCC system capable of accepting commands from software such as Railroad & Co's Train Controller.

Accessory Decoders

S-DEC-4-DCS-DEC-4-DC: an accessory decoder to operate up to 4 twin coil accessories (eg turnouts) or 8 single coils (eg uncouplers).  This decoder is rated at 1 Amp Max and cannot be used with standard Peco or Seep point motors.

SA-DEC-4-DC: a 4 output accessory decoder for switching a continuous current feed up to a maximum of 4 Amps per output.


TT-DEC: The TT-DEC gives DCC control of Fleischmann, Roco and Marklin Turntables.

DSU Permanent Power Switch: used in conjunction with the TT-DEC the DSU will automatically switch the polarity of the turntable bed on any 180o turn.  It can also switch also be used in conjunction with the S-DEC-4 as secondary switching of lighting such as panel indicators.

LS-DEC-NS: A three head signal decoder with a fourth output for indicators such as speed limit signs when the caution (yellow) is displayed.

The Adap-LS modules provide specific connection for some makes of signal with unusual connection requirements.

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