Logic Rail Technologies is a small US company which has been producing sophisticated electronics for railway modellers for nearly two decades.  Their main product lines are Fast Clock displays and realistic signalling control modules.

Fast Clock Displays

Units are available in two sizes for display of the network fast clock on board Digitrax and NCE DCC systems.  They also do a manufacturer independent version but that is being redesigned and is not available at present

LocoNet Fast Clock

Standard Version

The LocoNet fast clock works in conjunction with the network fast clock in the Digitrax DCS100 or DCS200 to give a large, clearly visible display of the system time.  The Digitrax version of the fast clock has more functionality than simple display:
    Network time and fast rate adjustment.
    Local alarms.
    Event triggers; the clock can initiate up to four accessory decoder commands.

NCE Fast Clock

The NCE fast clock is a simple repeater of the PowerPro system clock.  Because the NCE system has most of the additional functionality built in this is a simpler, hence cheaper, device.

Large Fast Clock

For both versions the sizes are:

    Standard Fascia 5.8" x 2.8", figures 0.8" high.

    Large version 10.5" x 4.5", figures 2.3"high.

Signal Animators

Signal animators mae no attempt to use block information to control the signal but can be set either to change randomly or to react to a simple detector (photocell or IR emitter) to initiate a change.  They do not require any modifications to wiring or rolling stock.

There are versions to operate 2 or 3 head signals with common anode or common cathode types.

Block Animator

Block animators are more sophisticated and will animate a pair of signals in response to sensor inputs and are direction sensitive.  They are supplied as standard with 4 photocells.

There are versions to operate 2 or 3 head signals with common anode or common cathode types.


Block master

The Block Master detects trains and controls 2 or 3 aspect signals for 2 block sections in many different track arrangements.   Blockmasters can be used together to signal passing loops and other arrangements.

Block occupied outputs for panel lights or feedback modules.

Can be used with common anode and common cathode signals.


grade crossing pro

The Grade Crossing Pro is a sensor driven animator for lights and barriers at a level crossing.  It works with bulbs and with common anode and common cathode LEDs. 

An eastbound (left to right) train will cause the signals to begin flashing when sensor WF is covered. Approximately 1-2 seconds later the gate motor output will turn on and the barriers will move (if present). The signals will continue to flash even if it uncovers sensor WF as long as the train reaches sensor WN within 35 seconds. Assuming the train does this and then subsequently covers sensor EN the signals will continue flashing. Approximately 2 seconds after the last car of the train uncovers sensor EN the gate motor output will shut off and approximately 3 seconds later the signals will stop flashing. If the train had not covered sensor WN within 35 seconds of uncovering sensor WF then the GCP will assume the train has reversed. This “timeout” will cause the gate motor output to shut off and the signals will stop flashing (~3 seconds after gate motor shut off). Similar behaviour exists for a westbound train with respect to sensor EF, EN and WN (shut off occurs after the last car uncovers sensor WN).

The pack includes 4 sensors but many other occupancy sensing devices or circuits could be used.  The module will work in either direction but for multi track crossings a sperate module should be used for each track.


We stock additional photocells and detection diodes if needed.

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