Train Control Systems manufacture a wide range of locomotive decoders covering Z to OO gauges with a large gauge decoder in the offing.  Their decoders have an excellent reputation and they are one of only 2 DCC manufacturers who offer a true 'Goof Proof' warranty.

All TCS decoders have the following common features: 

  • Back EMF.
  • Quiet Drive for smooth, quiet performance.  
  •  Dither for the ultimate in slow speed control.
  • Auto Detect for DCC or DC power with optimum performance.
  • User Loadable Speed Tables.
  • 14 or 28/128 Speed Steps.
  • On the Main Programming
  • Brake on DC.
  • 2 Digit or 4 Digit Addressing.
  • Basic and Advanced Consisting.
  • Advanced Lighting Effects.

All TCS decoders have a minimum of 1 Amp continuous current capability and can be used in any gauge up to OO so the way to classify them is by size.

Z Gauge

TCS Z2The Z2 is TCS's smallest generic decoder.

Dimensions: 0.51" X 0.26" X 0.11" or 12.95mm. X 6.65mm. X 2.79mm
Capacity:1 Amp continuous, 2 amp peak.
Function Outputs: 2 @ 100 mA

N Gauge

There are 2 formats for TCS Mini Decoders which differ in the way the harness is connected to the decoder.
The TCS M Series has the harnessed hard wired to the decoder as seen in the left hand photograph.

Dimensions .567”x.359”x.135” or 14.4mm x 9.12mm x 3.43mm

The TCS MC Series, right, has a 7 pole connection JST socket on it into which the harness is plugged.

Dimensions .729” x .417” x .189” or 18.5 mm x 10.6 x 4.8 mm
Both decoders are available with plain harnesses or with standard NEM652 8 pin plugs of various lengths and orientations.  Both are rated at 1 Amp continuous, 2 Amp peak, and are available in 3 versions depending on the number of functions required:

The M1 has 2 x 100mA function outputs, the M3 has 3 and the M4 has 4 all rated at 100mA max.

The MC2 has versions with 2, 4 or 6 functions rated at 100mA max.

HO/OO Gauge

The TCS T Series are a powerful HO/OO decoder fitted with a 9 pole JST socket which, as with the MC Series, can accept many types of harness.

The decoders have a continuous rating of 1.3 Amps with 2 Amp peak and there are versions with 2, 4 or 6 x 100mA function outputs.

Dimensions .956”x.655”x.207” or 24.28mm x 16.63mm x 5.25mm

The decoder is also available hard wired without the JST socket in 2 versions.  The T1-HW is shrink wrapped while the T1-HWNS is bare which makes it thinner for tight spaces.

Direct Fit

Many locomotives are now fitted with NMRA standard sockets and as well as the above decoders TCS produce 3 decoders with integrated plugs for direct fit.
                                           EUN651                                    DP2XUK


The DP2X has the NEM652 plug integrated into the decoder on the transverse axis. It is best suited to US Diesel HO models.

The EUN651 has an integrated NEM651 plug and suits DCC ready N Gauge.

The DP2X has the NEM652 plug oriented on the long axis.  This decoder is slightly smaller than the DP2X and was developed to suit UK locos; particularly DCC Ready steam.

Board Replacement

The A series are drop in replacements for Many Atlas, Athearn and Kato locomotives.

The N gauge board replacement decoders are made to suit Atlas, (illustrated) Intermountain, Kato and others.


TCS make 2 function only decoders:

The FL2 has two 200mA function outputs.  The harness connects using a small JST plug.

Dimensions .828"x.45"x.15" or 21.03mm x 11.43mm x 3.81mm

                                                        The FL4 has four, hard wired, 200mA functions outputs.

                                          Dimensions .585"x.36"x.115" or 14.86mm x 9.14mm x 2.92mm.

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