Team Digital provide electronic products that enhance the operation of model railways. These products are designed to work with Digital Command Control (DCC) systems.  Using their range of accessory modules you will be able to:

control turnouts (points) from a throttle and/or fascia buttons

    Implement and remotely control routes .

    Turn lighting on and off from a cab and/or fascia buttons .

    Remotely control electric uncouplers.

    Detect and indicate occupied track sections (blocks).

    Implement a signal system.

    Control semaphores in a signal system.

    Implement a realistic multi-track level crossing.

    Implement indicators and switches on a CTC panel-

    Animate devices using servos. 

BD2 Block Detector

Two detectors with LED indicators
Electrical isolation from track
No track voltage drop
Low power reqirements
Drive relays


Control signals on your layout.
Control indicators on your layout or CTC panel.
Eight inputs for sensors.
Outputs to drive LEDs.
"Smart" Programming with self programming.
Simple inter-board wiring.


The SMC4 is a DCC compatible accessory decoder capable of driving four servo motors and four stall motor type switch machines. Each output can individually be assigned any address from 1 to 2040. It has eight inputs for local control of the outputs and 16 programmable routes. 

SMC4 Servo

The SMC4 also comes as a Servo Package which includes four small servos, two 36" cable extensions and linkage hardware.


The SMD82 Accessory Decoder is one of our favourite devices; it is an 8 output turnout (point) controller with great versatility.  The main features are:

Drives any combination of twin solenoid (Peco/Seep/Hornby Type) or stall  (Tortoise) motors.

Each output is programmed individually for type and address; sequential addressing is possible but not required.

It can be programmed with up to 16 internal routes with 8 conditional routes.
There are 13 inputs for buttons or sensors.
It takes power and signal direct from the track.  the built in CDU trickle charges which make it suitable for use with low power DCC systems.


The SRC8 Switch and Route Controller:


Controls eight turnouts,
Drives eight pair of switch status LEDs.
Drives low current (stall type)point motors, eg Tortoise.
Eight programmable remote control routes.
Switch position reporting (feedback).
"Smart" programming of CVs.
Communication via LocoNet®

Terminal strip adaptors and cable connection kits are also available.

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