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ZIMO represents the most advanced state of DCC. Their aim is always to find and to implement the very best solution for any element of the system, beginning with the system architecture up to the software control.

While offering all high level standard features of the DCC world ZIMO has additional characteristics which make the system stand out from rival products. 


ZIMO DCC Systems are in transition at present.  The latest hand control, the MX32, is in production and can be used with the previous generation command stations.  The new System, the MX10, has been shown at a few exhibitions but is still in development.  Because all production of the last generation has ceased this means, unfortunately, that there is no new system available to first time ZIMO users.

The New MX32 Cab

The MX32 will be available in three formats when fully developed:

The standard MX32 is for cable connection and is available now.

The radio version, MX32FU, which, because of a change in radio standard used by ZIMO, will only be suitable for use with the new MX10.

The stand alone unit, MX32ZL, which will have a small, 4 Amp, command station built in.

The New MX10 Base Station

The MX10 will have the most advanced DCC functionality and connectivity on offer anywhere and should be available soon.

Input 24-30 Volts DC

Output 10-24 Volts adjustable

Maximum output current 12 Amps on main track, 8 Amps on output 2.


The images shown here are pre release photos of a prototype.


We stock from most of the Zimo range of decoders. There are multi scale sound decoders as well as non sound, function only and accessory decoders. The sound decoders come preloaded with a selection of European steam sound and 1 diesel scheme all selectable by CV adjustment. These can all of course be reloaded with one of our DigitrainSound range of ZS soundfiles prior to shipment.

Zimo decoders are famous for their quality, value and sheer functionality which few other manufacturers can rival.

MX621 Series

N gauge and some OO/HO  

MX63* Series

OO/HO and occasional O

MX64* Series Sound Decoders

MX644 For 21 Pin interface

MX645 For OO/HO

MX646 & MX648 Micro Decoders

MX695 Series

O Gauge Sound Decoders


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