Bachrus Saddles and accessories combine to produce precision engineered and very versatile Rolling Roads. 

Bachrus "40 Series" Saddles and Stirrups

Precision engineered saddles for the smaller gauges can be used as one per axle or for driving wheels only using the accessory stirrup set.


  • Covers Z to HOn3
  • User adjustable to track gauge 6mm to 11mm (0.236” to 0.4331”)
  • For main axle spacing down to 8.6mm (0.339”)
  • For 2 rail: DC, DCC, and AC

  • Stirrup set for 40 series  


Bachrus "50 Series" Saddles and Stirrups

More precise engineering for medium gauges

  • Covers HO to S
  • User adjustable to track gauge 11mm to 23mm (0.4331” to 0.905”).
  • For main axle spacing down to 13.6mm (0.535”).
  • For 2 or 3-rail: DC, DCC, & AC 


  • This illustration shows a stirrup set in use, with the 3rd rail adaptor, configured for a 4-8-2 tender locomotive. 


Bachrus "60 Series" Saddles and Stirrups.

The same high quality engineering for the larger gauges, 2 or 3 rail.  Track gauge 23mm to 45mm.

The Wheel Doctor 

The Wheel Doctor from Bachrus will help you clean and check the wheels on ALL your non-powered axles: a motorized drive shaft that operates on 12V-DC or 12V-AC for scales Z to G.


  • The Wheel Doctor will help you check the following irritants:

  • Wheels mounted square on the axle.
  • Straightness of the axle.
  • Binds or imperfections in the journal side frame.


    The wheel doctor can be used with most cleaning agents including Digitrains own brand track cleaner.


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