The Tortoise by Circuitron is probably the best known slow motion point motor.

  • Lowest Current Drain Switch Machine Available (4 ma. during operation, 15 ma. at stall).
  • Motor stalls at each end of throw—No Cutoff Contacts Necessary.
  • Precision Engineered Gear-Drive Mechanism (superior to screw-drive machines).
  • Enclosed Construction.
  • Constant Tension on the Switch Points.
  • No Additional Bracket or Linkage is needed.
  • Two built in Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) switches for connecting frogs. signals or indicators.
  • Fulcrum adjusts for use in all scales - Z to G.
  • Incredible 9 year gaurantee.


Remote Tortoise Mount.

The Remote Tortoise™ Mount consists of a molded base mechanism to which the Tortoise™ (not included) is mounted.  An adjustable lever arm is fastened onto the Tortoise™ output and drives a stainless steel wire inside a flexible teflon tube, much like a sub-miniature choke cable.  This thin wire attaches to a compact actuator mechanism and is mounted beneath the turnout.  It includes a spring wire and brass tube to transmit the motion to the points above.  The mounting bracket (with Tortoise™) may be secured in any position and up to 18” away from the turnout points—even above the layout inside a structure, if desired.  The points actuating mechanism requires 1/2” clearance under the turnout sub-roadbed.  The RTM is fully adjustable for all scales and brands of turnouts.

800-6100    RTM - Remote Tortoise™ Mount 

RSA-Remote Signal Activator

Mounting bracket and mechanism utilize the TORTOISE™ (not included) and a special drive wire cable assembly to remotely actuate any crossing gate, train order board or upper/lower quadrant sema-phore signal having a vertical control wire extending below the layout.  Signals of this type include ones manufactured by NJ International, Tomar and others. There are fully adjustable, precise, stops provided at both ends of travel for excellent repeatability.  The total travel  can be adjusted between 0.1” and 0.7” for use in all scales.  Can drive 2 cables from the one mechanism, if desired, for dual crossing gate installations. 

800-8100    RSA - Remote Signal Activator

800-8101    Extra Cable & Actuator for RSA

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