CML Electronics Limited

CML Electronics make a range of useful DCC accessories for model railways with some universal and some Digitrax Loconet only applications.

For any DCC system:

  • The DAC20 accessory decider has 8 outputs and will work with most point motors.
  • The MSC8 Scenery Animator will control up to 4 radio control servos, a motor and up to 8 lighting functions. Use servos to move points, signals or scenery devices. Use lighting effects for animated house lighting, disco lights, flickering oil lamps, welding, police car lights etc.
  • The TXC1 Turntable Indexer controls Fleischmann, Hornby and Atlas type turntables with manual or DCC controls. It indexes to a selected track exit automatically.

For Digitrax users:

  • The SIGM20 signal controller will operate 8 three aspect or 6 4 aspect signals, automatically set as track becomes occupied or points get set.
  • The DTM30 allow a panel with pushbuttons and LEDs to control points and signals.
  • The DSS1 will control a train automatically - for example for an "end to end" shuttle or a "station stop" on a loop of track.

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