CT Electronik

A specialist DCC manufacturer from Austria.  A growing range including the world's smallest decoder and a super value, multi protocol, system.

This is the CT Elektronic Starter Set.   It comprises the HR3 Cab and ZF5 Command/Power Station.
An advanced specification, 5 Amp, multi protocol, Digital Command Control system at a competitive price.
It is intuitive with a comprehensive, menu based, display.  This system is so new that the manual has not been completed yet but it so easy to use that, once you have been told how to change the display language to English, you could write your own manual.
Look at the specification below.

  • NMRA DCC available in full now.  Marklin and Selectrix will follow by software update.  The system is XpressNet compatible.

    Voltage stabilised and fully adjustable between 10 and 21 volts.  Output current adjustable in 100 mA steps up to the maximum of 5 Amps.

    Up to 10 x 5 Amp boosters can be used.

    Can control two locos simultaneously; one with the dynamic regulator and one on the numeric key pad. 

    10239 Loco Addresses.  1024 Accessory Addresses.

    Programming on the main and the program track.  Direct, Paged and Register modes, by bit or byte, are available.

    Built in RS232 interface allows computer control and full software update for the Command Station and Cab.

    8 logic inputs are provided offering shuttle operations and other automation.

    UK/EU radio available.

    Consisting up to 100 combinations of up to 6 locos.

    Large, backlit, graphics capable illuminated LCD display. The following information is available during normal operation: Loco address, loco name, decoder format, speed in graphic and numeric formats and direction of travel. Power consumption from 10mA upwards and track voltage to an accuracy of 100mV.  The display is mode dependant and shows information relevant to the current use.

    Display and adjustment of speed tables in a graphic format.

    User definable recall stack up to a maximum of 100 locos. Up to 31 Cabs.

    PLUS: the system can is also an analogue controller with a maximum 2.5Amp output. Unlike other systems that can control one non DCC loco this is true DC and safe for all locos.


    CT Elektronic decoders offer excellent motor control and have the following common features.

    Full NMRA Compatibility
    Adddress Range 1 to 10240.
    Hard Reset of User CVs
    Overload Protected.
    Operating temperature 10 to 90 Centigrade.
    14,28 or 128 Speedsteps.
    BEMF Control.
    High Frequency (silent) drive.
    2 different sets of CV settings available.
    Full range of lighting effects.
    Programmable Speed Tables.
    Programme on Main.
    Digital or Analogue Operation.
    Software update by user.
    Dedicated CVs for user info. 

    DCX 51

    Suitable for OO/HO and many O

    Track voltage 10-24

    Max Continuous 1.5A

    Peak 5 Secs 2A

    4 Function Outputs

    Max each 0.5A, Max total 1.5A



     DCX 70

    Suitable for OO/HO and some N

    Track Voltage 8-24

    Max Continuous 1.0A

    Peak 5 Secs 1.5A

    7 Function Outputs

    Max each 250mA, Max Total 0.6A




    Super thin and tiny

    Track Voltage 8-18

    Max Continuous 1A

    Peak 3 Secs 2A

    2 Function Outputs Standard
    4 x 250 mA on full version

    Max each 0.25A, Max total 1A

    11x7.2x1.1(1.4 max)mm

     DCX 80

    Large scale decoder

    Track Voltage 12-24

    Max Continuous 3A

    Peak 5 Secs 6A

    8 Function Outputs

    Max each 1A, Max total 3A


    Sound decoders

    We stock CT Elektronik combined loco and sound decoders.  The loco drive element has the same common charecteristics as their loco decoders.  Their common sound features are:

    3 channel sound.
    4 or 16 megabit memory.
    1 Watt output.
    Load dependant response.
    User settable loop repeats.
    2, 3 or 4 cylinder steam options.


    Suitable for OO/HO and some O gauge.

    Track voltage 10-24

    Max continuous 1.5A

    Peak 3 Secs 2A

    4 additional function outputs

    Max each 0.5A, Max total for decoder 1.5A




    Suitable for N and some OO

    Track voltage: 8-24V

    Max Continuous 0.6A

    Peak 3 Secs 1.2A

    4 additional function outputs

    Max each 250mA, Max total for decoder 0.8A




    Large scale sound decoder

    Track voltage: 10-24V

    Max Continuous 3A

    Peak 3 Secs 5A

    4 additional function outputs

    Max each 0.5mA, Max total for decoder 3A




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