DCC Concepts is an Australian company marketing a range of DCC specific and general use items.  At present we are stocking a limited selectiom of their range and will add more as time goes by.  At present we have:

Motive Power Depot

Motive Power Depot

MPD is ideal for transporting your loco’s, storing them safely or even inverting them for servicing. There are 3 versions available providing  de-luxe accommodation for anything from a small Tank loco to double headed locos or 2 car DMUs.

MPD is primarily designed for HO or OO 16.5mm gauge use but easy conversion for English EM & P4 is also built in.


Scale Station Lamps 

Gas Lamp DCC ConceptsOil Lamp DCC Concepts

Truly realistic 4mm scale station and yard lamps in gas and oil versions.  They are offered in a variety of colours and 2 heigtht options for every lamp.

These lamps are provided in packs of 3 with a power board allowing use of any power source from 9 to 15 volts AC or DC.

  Just by turning a small potentiometer you are able to vary them from a the realistic softer glow of an oil lamp to the brighter light of a gas light or modern electrically powered lamp… but you can NEVER burn them out, because voltage output is limited to a safe level no matter what power supply you choose!

Loco Lamps

 Loco Lamps DCC Concepts
These are beyond doubt the most realistic working 4mm scale loco lamps available.

These working Loco / Guards van lamps are as close to accurate 4mm scale as possible, and they are available in white, red and red+white.

You will find 6 lamps in each pack and a selection of resistors. All lamps are made from carbon filled polycarbonate which is very strong and will not react with glues or paints and prevents excessive light bleed.


We are stocking a growing range of LEDs including common positive, 3mm, 2mm tower, 1.8mm Panel Dot and the tiny NANOlight packs.  We also have the FlickerFree range offering steady lighting output for DCC and analogue operation.

  Bi-colour, red & white, LED

                  1.8mm Panel Dot                                        Flicker Free Kit                      3mm Bi-colour Red/White, Common +ve

We are still adding products and some may not be visible on line yet.  Please call and we can confirm availability.


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