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There could be few better combinations for DCC onboard sound than the superb locomotive control qualities of ZIMO and Loksound decoders with authentic UK locomotive sound programmed for realistic operation; welcome to DigitrainSound.

The range of locomotive sounds offers a wide choice of diesel and an ever growing range of steam and electric options.

Any of our available "ZS" soundfiles can be loaded onto any of the current Zimo sound decoders. These presently include MX 644, 645, 646, 648 and 695 types. Use the white search boxes above to go to "Digitrainsound Zimo"

                 Any of our "DS" prefixed soundfiles can be preloaded onto any of the range of Loksound V4 decoders, Micro Standard 8 or 21 pin and the XL types. Use the white search boxes above to go to "Digitrainsound Loksound"

Our sounds range from useful generics using modified available sounds from Loksound and Zimo's own libraries suitably altered to give them a British feel. These will be labelled as such and although very good will never be described as genuine. 

At the other end of the scale though are the genuine sound schemes recorded from working locos and worked up into fully accurate sound profiles giving the very best result for the end user. These are created by two well known figures in DCC sound circles, Paul Chetter and Tony Molyneux. Their work is well respected, widely used and Digitrains is pleased to be able to offer work from these two high quality sources.

There is always new work under development and new sounds become available several times a year.

The chart below includes all our available sound sets and manufacturer options .

DS001GBR standard 4MT 2 cyl also 3MT 5MT etcZS001M
BR standard 2MT and similarZS002M
DS003GLMS 2 cyl e.g. Black 5, 8FZS003MG
DS004GJ94 and similar small NE locosZS004M
DS005GA3 Flying Scotsman also A1, A2 etcZS005M
LMS 2P 3F and similar small LMS locosZS006M
DS007GClass A4ZS007M
Duke of Gloucester 71000ZS008M
DS010G2 cyl Southern steam e.g. Q1ZS010MG
N2 L1 NE tanksZS011M
DS012GWR Hall class and other GW 2 cylZS012
DS013GWR King class ZS013
GWR Castle class also Star classZS014
DS015LNER/BR B1 classZS015
DS016GWest Country and other Southern 3 cylZS016M
DS017L&YR tankZS017
DS019Terrier A1X and other small Southern steamZS019
DS020GWR pannier tankZS020
Robinson C13 class projectZS022MG
DS023GLMS 3 cyl Jubilee, Scot etcZS023MG
DS024GHattons Garratt ZS024G


 Collett GoodsZS025

 Jinty 3FZS026

 P2 Cock of The NorthZS027G

 GW PrairieZS028

Beattie Well TankZS029


 Ivatt 4MT ZS031
Sentinel diesel shunterZS01D
Class 03 also 04 etc diesel mechanical shuntersZS03M
DS08Class 08 also 09 ZS08D or A
DS20Class 20 dieselZS20D or A
DS22GNorth British V12 diesels Class 21,22 etc
DS24Class 24 dieselZS24D
DS25Class 25 diesel ZS25D
DS26Class 26 dieselZS26D
Class 26 diesel - Multidrive versionZS26M
DS27Class 27 diesel
DS28GClass 28 Co-Bo diesel
DS31Class 31 dieselZS31D
Class 31 diesel - Multidrive versionZS31M
DS33Class 33 dieselZS33D
Class 33 diesel - Multidrive versionZS33M
DS35Class 35 HymekZS35D or A
DS37/0Class 37/0 diesel
Class 37/0 diesel - Multistart versionZS37/0D
DS37/4Class 37/4 diesel - Multistart versionsZS37/4D
DS37/9Class 37/9 - Ruston
Class 37/9 - MirrleesZS37/9
Class 37 diesel - all typesZS37D
Class 37 diesel - Multidrive versionZS37M
DS40Class 40 dieselZS40D
Class 40 diesel - Multidrive versionZS40M
DS47Class 47 diesel - all typesZS47D or A
DS47/0Class 47/0 diesel
DS47/4Class 47/4 diesel
Class 47 diesel - Multidrive versionZS47M
DS50Class 50 dieselZS50D
DS52WClass 52 Western dieselZS52D
DS56Class 56 dieselZS56D
Class 56 diesel - Multidrive versionZS56M
DS57Class 57 dieselZS57D
Class 57 diesel - Multidrive versionZS57M
DS60Class 60 dieselZS60D
DS66Class 66 dieselZS66D
DS70Class 70 dieselZS70D
DS85Class 85 electricZS85
DS86Class 86 electricZS86
DS92Class 92 electricZS92
1st generation DMU - 101, 108 etcZSDMUD
1st generation DMU - 101, 108 etc - MultidriveZSDMUM
DS156Class 156 Sprinter also 150, 153
Class 158 Express SprinterZS158
DS207Class 207 DEMU Thumper
Midland Pullman - Front A unitZS251AG
Midland Pullman - Rear F unitZS251FG
DS350Class 350 Desiro EMU also 185, 360, 380, 444, 450
DS411GSouthern 1st generation 3rd rail EMU
Key to suffix letters
D = Digidrive, these are the latest easy to drive soundfiles, giving you rapid response to throttle input and the option to coast using a function key.
G = Generic soundfile created to capture the character of the locomotive
M = Multidrive, multiple sounds sets to enable you to choose how your loco drives. For example, with steam you can choose between light and heavy loading. With diesel you can choose between standard driving and manual notching.

A = Activedrive, a brand new set of features on Zimo sound decoders. There are 2 distinctly different new features, namely "dynamic inertia" where a loco's response to acceleration is dependant upon how fast you open the throttle. If you're gentle then the loco will have higher settings for CV3 than if you open the throttle very fast when the CV3 settings will be reduced and the loco will accelerate faster. 
Then there is "real braking" where you use a function button as a true brake control. When you reduce the throttle settings the loco will coast and only lose speed very slowly this will require the driver to really apply the brakes to slow the train. Both these features combine to make driving your model much more like being in charge of a real loco. Look out for the new "A" suffix.

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