PowerCab - the ideal starter


 An entire DCC system in the palm of your hand!  This 2 Amp peak system can operate 3 to 5 trains. This cab 
offers the ease of use and most of the high level functionality that is provided in the  Power Pro system, at an
entry level price.


Locos 0-9999

Accessories 1-2044

Advanced consisting.


Installation is a easy; connect two wires to your track and plug in the cab. You are off and running trains!


 When your railway grows your PowerCab becomes a ProCab for use with the 5 or 10 Amp systems.


Add an Auto SW for ease of use when programming


Automatically switches to program track for the Power Cab system.


Power pro 5


The Powerhouse Pro is probably the most user friendly DCC system on the market. Other DCC systems require remembering button sequences and computer hexadecimal numbers to accomplish the simplest tasks. The ProCab™ walks you through every operation with clearly labelled buttons and well thought out menu prompts in plain English on the back lit LCD display. The most often performed operations are usually just a single key press. The Powerhouse Pro has everything you need to get DCC controlled trains up and running (except power transformer which we can provide). It includes the user friendly ProCab™, Command Station with integral Five Amp power unit, a fascia panel, connecting cables and manual. The Quick Start Guide in the system reference manual will have you up and running in less than 20 minutes. Should you ever need it, the entire system can be easily upgraded by simply replacing a single program memory chip (no returns to the factory!). An RS-232 port is supplied for those wishing to add computer control to their layout.

Up to 250 Trains running at the same time.

Up to 63 Controllers (Cabs) simultaneously.

Up to 127 multiple headers (Consists) each with unlimited


Locomotive addresses 0 to 9999.

Accessory addresses 1 to 2044.

Computer Interface built in.


POWERHOUSE PRO-10™ 10 Amp DCC System

PowerPro 10

The PH-10 has all the same features as the Powerhouse Pro 5 Amp system described above but with 10 amps of power for O-Scale and Large Scale (G) layouts.  A 10 Amp transformer is also available.

Includes: CS02 command station, PB110 power booster, ProCab, one D408SR decoder and manual. Not recommended for smaller scales.


Boosters and additional cabs are all available.

      Cab04p        NCE SN3A          ProCab         PB105 Booster         

We stock the full range of NCE locomotive and accessory decoders.


All locomotive decoders have the following common features:

Silent running, torque control, 15 lighting effects, support all programming modes, programmable start, mid and max speed and fully uploadable speed tables interpolated to 128 steps.

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