Accessory Decoders

Sometimes known as stationary decoders these units are used to control points, signals, lighting and other fixed accessories.  They do not have a variable speed motor drive capability.

  • Solenoid motors are the most common method of point control including the Hornby, Peco and Seep ranges.  Kato points also fall into this category.
  • The best known example of a stall motor is the Tortoise slow motion machine
  • Multifunction can be set to operate in more than one mode e.g. stall and/or solenoid.
  • Servos are gaining in popularity as drives for many moving features.
  • Specialist signalling decoders are rare and more complex in use.  This category includes units that will automate signal operation independently from the control system.

Solenoid Only
Stall Motor Only

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