We are the longest established DCC Specialist providers in the UK and have always offered our advice for free. 

   We cannot claim to know everything about DCC, it is doubtful that anybody can, but between us we can help in most things and point you in the right direction.

If seeking help please remember these points:

  • A few minutes conversation gives much more and better informed advice than an hour of typing.  Often we need to ask you questions and we do not have time to write long replies so please telephone.
  • We cannot see what you are doing so there are some forms of question that are virtually impossible to answer.
  • If you want advice on wiring your layout please send us a track plan first.
  • If you are seeking help because of problems with DCC equipment that you did not purchase from us you are advised to contact your supplier in the first instance; only they can supply warranty support for the products they sell.

Finally please note that we do not stock North American or Continental locos and very rarely see any; we can give generic advice but loco specific questions on individual models will most probably be beyond us.

Call us now on 01522 527731

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