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Thank you for visiting Digitrains and welcome to our online home. We are Digital Command Control (DCC) Specialists and aim to offer a first class service to the Digital Railway Modeller.

This site has been developed to make your online experience as simple and secure to use as possible. The advanced search facility allows you to browse by manufacturer and by product category or name. For purchase online we use full SSL encryption with a wide range of payment options.

We offer Informed Advice, a comprehensive Decoder Fitting Service and keep extensive supplies of DCC Decoders and Accessories in stock at all times. Please take some time to browse our ranges with products from NCE, Digitrax, Lenz, Zimo, TCS, Gaugemaster, Hornby, Bachmann, ESU LokSound, CT elektronik, Graham Farish, CMX, LDT, Bachrus Rolling Roads, MRC, Miniatronics, Expo, QSI, Seuthe, Soundtraxx and others.

Purchasing from this site is easy but if there is anything you do not understand or you would like more information than is available online please do not hesitate to telephone; a few minutes conversation is often worth hundreds of written words. Alternatively call into our Lincoln shop Monday to Friday 10:00-5:00, Saturday 10:00 - 4:00

To keep up to date with our latest products, click here and give us a 'like' on Facebook! 

or click here to listen to some of our fabulous sounds  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe_RpSr65Yk5D_yfHFDbz1g

SENDING ITEMS TO US. Absolutely anything you want to send to us must contain a covering letter, any receipts if needed and contact details such as phone number or email address please. 

We get hundreds of calls and emails every week and also lots of items sent in as a result of these enquiries but many people think we'll somehow know which item relates to which enquiry. Sadly we can't always just remember and receive lots of items with no clue about who they're from or what they're here for. There are several members of staff in our team and the one who opens your parcel probably won't be the one you spoke to days before. 

All we can then do is wait for the call from a frustrated customer asking what's happening with their item. Please help us to help you by at least putting a phone number in so we can call and sort your jobs quickly and efficiently for you. Many thanks.

 Our wide choice of DCC decoders is complemented by our stocks of UK locomotives to  put them in.  We have locos from Bachmann, Dapol, Graham Farish, Heljan and Hornby in gauges from N to O.  The loco section is well worth a visit with a good choice at competetive prices and a variety of rolling stock too.  

Having found your DCC System and chosen locos to control you will need some equipment to install them.  We have tools, connectors, cables and consumables to meet most needs.


We have good stocks of PECO track and accessories plus a wide range of Woodland Scenics, Metcalfe Kits, Evergreen styrene mouldings and card, Metals, Precision Paints, Adhesives and a wide variety of other materials.


Digitrains has long been associated with Zimo sound decoders and the most extensive range available of Paul Chetter's sound projects. For Loksound V4 we are able to supply these with any of our Tony Molyneux sound projects plus any of the Loksound files from their library too. 


The vast majority of our sound projects loaded onto new decoders have always been free and all existing sounds that were free will continue do be so. Reblows were always £15.00 and will continue to be so. 


A whole new range of all new Zimo "Activedrive-Pro" sound projects of the very highest quality with great new features will become available and these will be available at a premium price. These are guaranteed original and genuine sound projects with all one the day recordings having been used, no stock sounds grafted in as gap fillers. This is as real as it gets to hearing the living loco. The first is the all new Baldwin project followed by new 08, 03 and Ruston diesel shunter projects. Again the free (or one penny web buy) originals will always be available, it's just that now there's a greater choice. 

Most of our competitors have always charged extra for their sounds and this decision, whilst not taken lightly,  has been made to reflect the investment costs in great new original work. 

Digitrains has continued make friends with several clever people over the years who create sound projects and we are now able to provide some of these as paid for coded downloads for Loksound V4 decoders. More details to follow as the range expands.

Please telephone for details or email for information sheets to peruse the online soundfile information. If you have an existing Loksound decoder we'd need the serial number of it or we can supply new decoders with these files on for the same extra coded download charge.

New sounds from "ENGINEMAN". These projects are bought in from Engineman and are sold at a £12.00 premium per project load. 

Introducing an all new range of Loksound sound projects form Engineman. These original, unique projects owing nothing to anything that has gone before. They are all new authentic loco recordings and project work undertaken by Engineman who actually works with Steam and Diesel locos and knows how they work intimately to create super accurate profiles for your Loksound fitted models. Engineman always strives to go that extra mile to ensure that model will be able to replicate the behaviour of the real thing, so you know you’re guaranteed to get the most accurate and realistic driving experience. 

Also JMC Class 14 sound from well known DCC exponent John Gay, also available now. 

Digitrains are very lucky to have a dedicated group of sound enthusiasts recording and processing genuine locomotive sound for us.  With their help our own, growing, choice of quality sound schemes for ZIMO and Loksound decoders are earning great acclaim.  We also stock decoders from the ESU catalogue produced by South West Digital. 

Plus we can of course load any of the ESU original sound projects from their excellent range of European and US sounds from their online downloads library. Just provide the five digit code for your choice and we'll put it on for you. We even stock small numbers of Loksound Select US spec decoders too. These have their own distinct range of sounds to choose from.

Please take a look at our DS (ESU Loksound),  ZS (Zimo) and  EM (ESU Engineman) soundfiles in the extensive DigitrainSound ranges.

Call us now on 01522 527731

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